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“I didn’t know what to expect in working with Jean, but I stepped up because I felt called to do so. I was incredulous at her abilities to witness and explain the history of my soul, as well as her clearing and cleansing of the energy inhibiting my path. Jean has gone above and beyond in charitable work to assist those in need out of the goodness of her heart to the benefit of all involved. She is a great friend, Mother and healer, and I feel blessed to know and work with her. Jean’s presence and offerings are gift to all of us! Truly invaluable.”
~ Sarah, Talent, OR
“I sought Jean’s help for healing and getting more in tune with my intuition.  I’d been feeling a little disconnected and cloudy with my intuition.  My session with Jean revealed many connections with limiting beliefs and stagnant energy that was blocking me from fully trusting and hearing my truth.  It was all very relevant and resonant.  Afterward, my intuition was so clear.  It helped me in my own healing practice as well, being able to offer even more in-depth information for my clients.  We also worked on sourcing the root of an addictive pattern which has helped me tremendously.  I love working with Jean!”
~ Shannon, Ashland, OR
“You are such a great support! I am so grateful for your love and guidance. You help me stay in great amusement, see through any illusions and anchor in the truth.”
~Ami, Laguna Beach, CA
“Jean is a truly gifted seer into the inner dynamics of ones energy field. She holds a powerful space for insight, release and awakening.”
~ James, San Diego, CA
“Call Jean if you really want loving assistance in your spiritual awakening and growth.”
~ Anna, New York, NY
“Jean, I recommend you to anyone whose really ready to grow spiritually.”
~ Megan, Los Altos, CA
“Jean holds loving space for others to heal and to deeply awaken. She has made a huge difference in my life, and I encourage anyone earnest about their growth to call her.”
~ Thomas, Mt Shasta, CA
“One word: AWARE. Jean is clearly here to guide those that are ready to see the greater truth of themselves and their life.”
~ Peter and Hannah, Tempe, AZ
“You are a true friend on the path, Jean. Your Light, Love and gifts are incredibly helpful!”
~Karen, Virginia Beach, VA
“Jean, you were a great assistance to me in seeing what I could not see on my own. Thank You!”
~ Tim, Chicago, IL