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Spiritual Practice

Stoking the Fires of Creativity and Awareness

Sundays 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern

Sundays: 9 am Pacific / Noon eastern

spiritual healing and reading

What is a Clairvoyant Reading?

When asked the common question, “What do you do?” I often respond with the short answer, “I give readings and spiritual counseling.” This is sometimes sufficient, but often leads to further questions, which can’t always be answered in a social setting. So, what really is a clairvoyant reading and healing? What happens, and what is it for?

What I do

I see you as Spirit, as the limitless immortal Soul that you are, I see what has been limiting you and guide you toward your freedom, next steps, spiritual growth, healing and creative expansion.

The Opportunity

Free yourself from your perceived limits, release karmic patterns, expand and own your creativity and awareness, restore the experience of your Wholeness in your body-mind.

Event Schedule

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Living and Sharing Joy, Peace and Love

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Additional Offerings

Mini-Healing Sessions, Mentorship, Spirit Retreats

Additional offerings

Mini-Healing Sessions, Mentorship, Spirit Retreats

Many Ways to Receive Healing

Jean Roorda
Healer / Clairvoyant

Explore these options for working with Jean and receiving the healing benefits of giving yourself space to connect with your inner wisdom, beingness and the eternal healing presence of Spirit.

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