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In the quiet, early morning, my young son and I went to downtown Bend and gathered with the other parents and children in our school community. Each year the families create thousands of handmade stuffed felt hearts and, together, we hang them all over downtown on Valentines Day morning. This year, we got to join in the joyous and beautiful Heart Bomb community event, an inspiring and magical morning.

Flocks of children and parents showered the town with sweet love note attached Hearts, delighting passersby with awe and joy. As my son and I adorned trees and lampposts with Hearts, my heart smiled in gratitude. This experience, creating and sharing in community, and for community, is the essence of Living Love.

The most fulfilling experience I have ever shared in is that of creating in and with community, for the greater community. Today was one such experience. Each child, as well as many parents and elders in the community, made these hearts by hand, with love, intention, and excitement. And, as we gathered early this morning to give the Hearts to the community, with sleepy wonder and enthusiastic giggles, the pulse of the community grew stronger: more Alive, grounded in purpose.

The ripples of Love, Inspiration and Gratitude shared in and by community are immeasurably valuable, impactful, and healing. Imagine the incredible Beauty and miracles that happen when we join in community to create together, share our love with the world, and celebrate the possibilities our sparks of love and joy ignite in our greater communities.

Love in action looks like sharing, giving, inspiring. Love in action demonstrates the nature of Love: abundant, limitless, innocent, powerful and free.

When we create together with Love as inspiration, purpose and guide, our communities thrive and become the healing sanctuaries of joyous, abundant living they are able to be.

I love the reminder that Community looks like Come in Unity. Community as creating in unity, creating together with shared purpose, vision and direction, is an empowering and thrilling example of where we are going as humanity. No matter how discordant and out of sync with this vision the world may look right now, remember that we are headed in that direction.

We can help steer the course and quicken the pace toward this vision of loving community one loving action and community connection at a time. We can turn our inner compass toward love, every day, any time we remember. We can steer our lives in the direction of community by nourishing loving relationships and growing our circle of connection, cocreation and inspiration.

Community is where our love is lived and shared. Community is how and where our Love grows exponentially, together.