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River of Life

When I was a little girl, I learned a lot of songs. Because I was raised going to church, and attending a Christian school, I was mostly learning Christian children’s songs at school, camps and youth groups. For the most part, I do not remember these songs. In fact, I never think about them, until one of them pops into my mind.

I often receive guidance, inspiration, Spirit reminders and communication from my guides in the form of songs. My guides know that I’m auditory and Love singing, so this works well.

This morning, which happens to be Easter, the song that popped into my mind was an old children’s song from church or school. I can’t remember exactly when or where I learned it, but it was within the context of one of the Christian communities my family related to. I remember singing it often.

The lyrics to this song, inspired by the words of Jesus that lived on through the centuries via the Bible, book of John, share profound wisdom and depth of awareness.

“I’ve got a River of Life flowing out of me.

Makes the lame to walk and the blind to see.

Opens prison doors, sets the captive free.

I’ve got a river of Life flowing out of me.

Spring up, oh Well, within my soul.

Spring up, oh Well, and make me whole.

Spring up, oh Well, and give to me that Life Abundantly.”

What a Joy to be reminded of this song, especially now that I can really hear the lyrics and see their meaning. Jesus and I are giggling about how much wisdom there is contained in this simple Christian children’s song. And how much of it goes unrecognized, unseen. And I am full of Gratitude for his Presence and guiding wisdom throughout my life.

Jesus’ life was a demonstration of all that he taught. When he said: “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life…” and “I Am the Resurrection and the Life” he was not referring to himself as the body personality, the individual, the person. He was referring to the I AM, the limitless, eternal beingness within him, within each of us, that he was fully having, sharing, and demonstrating.

The I AM, pure awareness, eternal Beingness, is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus embodied this, demonstrated living the I AM, and spoke to and from that place of Awareness. And yet, very few were able to understand that at the time. “Those who have ears, let them hear.” Indeed, many still do not understand his teachings.

At Easter, whether we are celebrating along the Christian tradition and/or the Pagan (Oestre: Goddess of Spring), we are recognizing and bringing our awareness to the energy and experience of resurrection, new life, abundance, rebirth.

Nature demonstrates resurrection and rebirth with the coming to Life of Spring. The trees and plants bloom with new buds and shoots. For many animals, this is the birthing season. The bees wake up and birth and swarm and create new hives. The life force of the planet is bursting forth abundantly.

The River of Life that Jesus talked about, and that is sung in this fun song, is the Eternal Life of Spirit that flows in and through us. It is the healing, restoring, life-giving, abundant, ever-present energy of Being, of the I AM, of pure Awareness. In our body, this is often referred to as Kundalini energy: the pillar, or river, of pure life energy flowing up through our spine, moving through the levels of our being, from lowest/1st chakra, to highest/7th chakra and up to the 8th.

Kundalini is our healing energy: constantly restoring wholeness. It is our awakening energy: constantly flowing towards Truth, lighting our way, burning through illusions. It is our life energy: the wellspring of Eternal Life. Kundalini energy flows in us in relationship to our awakened awareness: it is both a response to, and a source of, our awakening awareness. It is often felt as a strong electrical current flooding the body. Sometimes it is associated with pain, but only because kundalini, like a fire (sun/masculine), burns through resistance, and, like a river (water/moon/feminine), carves through resistance. The pain associated with Kundalini is not the energy itself, but the resistance it meets. No resistance, no pain.

This is what Jesus demonstrated when he was crucified. He was not suffering in agony, as is often depicted in movies and stories about it. He was demonstrating what is to be in the world, but not of it. To be Spirit, not the body. He demonstrated the power of forgiveness, to let it be, to not resist. He demonstrated the miracle. He demonstrated that there is no death: You are Free.

I love the enthusiasm in this old childhood song that I was reminded of today. It is a loving, joyous, enthusiastic welcoming of the Eternal, healing, life-giving, creative power of Spirit.

Now is a uniquely powerful time of resurrection. This year, Easter, Oestre and Spring coincide with a powerful surge of Light energy on the planet. We see this astrologically, with the unique and powerful eclipse window we are in, and with the huge expanse of solar activity. The kundalini is certainly rising!

If you are feeling an excess of intense energy, be aware of your kundalini space. Be aware of the river of life flowing through you. Give it space to Be. With your Breath, your surrender, your choice to Have it, allow this river of life to open, expand, flow and move. Because it already is, and resistance is futile 😉

Letting go of resistance is letting go of fear. If you are feeling a lot of fear, give it space. Let it be so that you can let it go. Fear can look like anxiety, overwhelm, avoidance, confusion, distraction, panic. It takes many forms. Allow yourself to recognize it and unmatch from it. Be with it, rather than becoming it. Meditation is an excellent, crucial path toward freeing yourself from the grips of fear. What we resist we become, but most of the time we don’t even recognize what we are resisting. Meditation is the practice of being awareness, recognizing the contents of the mind, what you are becoming, what you are resisting, so that you can restore yourself to truth.

This Spring, celebrate the power of Life flowing through you. Be inspired by the Beauty and Abundance of Nature. You can also be inspired by the Life of Jesus and his demonstration of victory over the illusion of death. Say Hello to the River of Life flowing through you and celebrate your Eternal Beingness. Resurrect yourself from illusions of fear. Make space for the I AM, and have the transformation occurring within you and around you.

With Love,