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You are invited to join the community!

C H A L I C E is a space to connect with your fellow Happy Healers:  Souls who are healers committed to healing themselves.  C H A L I C E connects you with a community interested in and often very dedicated to, Spiritual Growth, Healing and Embodied Awareness.  It is a space to learn, develop and own your Clairvoyance and Inner Knowing, the inherent abilities of your Soul.  Explore and share the knowledge you have within you as a Spiritual Being who has already had much experience incarnating.  Your soul retains this information, and you can access it (yay! fun!) and share it. Create more space for Spirit in your daily life.  Create Space for Spiritual Community around the world.  Connect with others on a similar path.  Share stories, experiences and questions about your path of growth, understanding, transformation, awakening and being human.   Begin by downloading C H A L I C E and completing the Happy Healers Foundation Course.  Once you have completed Foundation Course, you can join the community on the Live Meditation calls and Group Reading Practice Sessions with follow-up discussions, chats, talk-stories. 

We look forward to meeting you!