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Into the Great Write Open

Writing has always been an internal process for me, of opening up to what’s inside my heart and mind in the moment.  It’s a bit different, if not scary, to actively choose to write that way online.  But that’s what I’m doing!  I’ve decided not to write any differently than I do when I’m scribbling away in my journal, recording thoughts in the moment, delving for some wisdom and guidance to come through the words as they pour forth from my pen.

Now, the pen is a keyboard, and I’m publicizing the thoughts.  How fun!

This morning I went for a walk in Lithia Park, a beautiful piece of the earth in Ashland, with stream and gardens and paths and natures diversity.  I encountered deer and chilly air, and happy morning walkers.  As I followed the path up the creek, I enjoyed the song playing in my mind, whose words come from one of my favorite lines in The Course in Miracles:  “Teach only love, for that is what you are.”   As these words repeated over and over again to a heart stirring, joyous melody, my pace quickened and I smiled and laughed in deep gratitude for God’s Presence.

Life is good, when we listen to Its ever-present song.  I feel full, completely whole and at peace, despite outer circumstances.  Outwardly, there is rapid change, uncertainty, instability.  And yet, as I allow myself to deepen into the certain, unchanging Peace that is Spirit, I experience what is True, what is Reality.  And I hear it’s song of Joy, celebration, laughter and miracles.  This song calls me home, to infinite peace, fullfillment, and absolute certainty.  It’s the most beautiful song: the song of Trust, freedom and Love.  It’s the song of the Heart, ever-present, unchanging, singing in the stillness of surrender.

May this song be heard by you today, even amidst the seeming chaos of the world and its worries.   Despite any emotions, feelings or perceptions you experience, know that the song of Peace, which is the voice of Spirit, can always be heard, if we but choose to hear it.

Blessings dear ones.  You are the Light of the world.