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What is a Healer?

“So, what do you do?” That question is almost always the first question we are asked upon meeting someone new. I still have trouble answering that question at times because what I do is not something that I do. The short answer to this question is: “I’m a healer.” I usually don’t leave the answer at that, of course, because that leaves a big fat question mark in the mind of my new acquaintance. I can just hear them saying to themselves, “Oh, right….so, what do you do?”

A healer can do many things; It is their being, however, that makes them a healer. And this being can be expressed in many ways. At times, I express my healing in the form of spiritual life readings which coach, guide, awaken and inspire people to find, follow and further their spiritual path. I help awaken people to Who they truly are, why they are here, and what they are here to do. I support you in finding your answers, following your heart, hearing and seeing Spirit, and finding unconditional peace and joy in your life and all of its relationships.

So, what I do is part of who I am, but the healing I offer is not limited to private sessions. Healing is a way of being, a way of seeing the world. It is not something you do. It is something you be, something you choose, something you are. Fortunately for the world, there are many healers incarnated at this time. Most likely, if you are reading this, you are a healer.

A healer is someone who is naturally compassionate, forgiving and accepting. Someone who gives people space to be, who offers acceptance rather than judgement. A healer is always seeking to return to wholeness: whether they are aware of it or not, they know that what is true is whole, and their very presence helps restore that wholeness. Healers are also amused: they don’t take life, others or themselves too seriously. Their light-hearted presence lifts us up and helps us let go of the stress of seriousness. Healers are on their return trip home (ie their return to the awareness of perfect wholeness, oneness, “Heaven” or union with God), and they guide and assist us all in this internal process.

Healers are often called “old souls.” They’ve been around the block many times, so to speak. They’ve had the whole spectrum of human experience over many lifetimes, and are now ready to wrap things up and complete the cycle of birth and death. For this reason, healers are also very sensitive/psychic people. They tend to feel everyone’s emotions, hear everyone’s thoughts, and see more deeply into people than they may be comfortable with or conscious of. If a healer is not guided or understood as a young child, their abilities and sensitivities often become confusing and challenging. If they learn, or remember, to see their sensitivities and abilities as strengths, then they are able to guide themselves and others out of the maze of illusion, and return to their true state of wholeness.

A healer is a gift. If you are a healer, or suspect that you are, or maybe don’t think you are but really you are 🙂 the world is blessed to have you here. A healer is anyone who practices forgiveness, because they know that forgiveness is our only true purpose in this world. When we forgive the dream, we awaken from it, and we realize that all that remains is Love.

May you always remember that healing is forgiving, and forgiving is healing.

Thank you for Being!